Fire Protection

Eng A. Ornan  (EAO) provides Fire protection engineering consultants service

EAO  provides fire protection consulting services for industrial concerns ranging from light manufacturing companies to heavy industrial facilities. Eng A. Ornan specializes in the protection of facilities that handle, manufacture and store hazardous materials in the process of producing their goods, as well as facilities that handle these materials in bulk.

Services include:

  • Fire safety programs & Guidelines.
  • Fire safety plans for Fire Marshal building occupancy permits.
  • Fire risk assessments 
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Fire & Accident Investigation.
  • Emergency Response Planning.
  • Process Safety Management.
  • Hazardous area classification according to EN/IS 60079  using advanced models & CFD.
  • Fire & Smoke control analysis using CFD models.

EAO understands that its clients are operating in a highly competitive global economy making it essential that their facilities not only operate safely, but cost effectively.

As such, EAO strives to assure that its client's fire protection spending:


  • Is appropriate for their financial situation, market conditions and risk  tolerances.
  • Focuses on fire prevention in lieu of installing fire protection hardware,  wherever this will produce a greater reduction in risk or improved cost effectiveness.
  • Minimizes ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

Improves plant availability, operability, safety and environmental performance in addition to curbing their fire risks.

Services Offered

The EAO staff is particularly qualified in evaluating and resolving fire protection and safety issues concerning:

  • Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Flammable gases
  • Liquefied Gases 
  • Oxidizers
  • Combustible dusts
  • Fibers and textiles Fire
  • Unstable chemicals
  • Combustible chemicals
  • Water and air reactive chemicals
  • Combustible metals
  • Static electricity hazards
  • Life Safety & emergency egress
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